First Line Friday: Vacation edition

7 Aug

This will be my last post for a few weeks. I’m taking off tonight for a great journey. Okay so I’m just going to a couple of weddings but I’m super excited for them.

Today’s First Line Friday comes from a book that I thought I’d be done with by now, but the finale of So You Think You Can Dance, long marathon training runs and a side trip to the ER this week put a damper on my reading plans. (No worries, I’m fine now, just some pesky gallstones I’m trying not to think about :).


I’m still working on Justine Chen Headley’s North of Beautiful. While it’s a good read, it’s not a page-turner. The character is intriguing but her voice is a bit whiney and I’m having trouble dealing with it. The father in it also makes me want to spit nails which is the point, but it’s hard to get motivated to read a character that you truly hate. That being said, the first line of this book is a great intro for the whole idea of the book:

Not to brag or anything, but if you saw me from behind, you’d probably think I was perfect.

It’s a good one, but you get a sense of this narrator’s voice just from this sentence. I don’t know if the writing of her as a narrator is intentionally simple, but I bristle at the idea that YA novels should stay away from complex writing. This just doesn’t seem to grab me the way some YA have in the past. I’m hoping that the next two on my list are better.


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