First Line Friday: Less Than Zero

4 Sep

Less Than ZeroI’ll admit it. I’m slightly burned out on the reading front. I’ve been carrying around Less Than Zero in my purse for a week now, with nary a page turned or a spine cracked. I’ll admit it’s been kind of nice taking a breather from the madness that was the summer reading binge I went on.

A good way to rectify the book melancholy I’m suffering is a holiday weekend. Oh look, that’s one right over there on my calendar. I’ll be honest, I thought I was supposed to work on Monday. So when I was informed two days ago that I did in fact get the full glory of a long weekend, I was thrilled. I promise to start Less Than Zero today-ish (might be tomorrow, I don’t know, I can’t commit).

And it will begin with this line:

People are afraid to merge on freeways in Los Angles.

Pick up your current read. What’s the first line?


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