Where will you be…

8 Sep

…on 09-09-09? (That’s tomorrow people!)

Apparently I’m not the only one making a big deal out of this date (but come on, I have a bit of a reason since it is my birthday).

A Day on the Planet is asking people to submit their “day in the life” stories as part of a collection, a way to document everyday life all over the world. While they could have picked any day, 09-09-09 was easy to remember.

According to the Web site:

Tell your story to the whole world
Your life is unique. And every day you experience a story that is worth telling to others.

Maybe you had the best sex in your life, or maybe you won the lottery. Maybe your boss insulted you in front of your colleagues, or your car got stolen.

Simply write a few lines about what affected you most on 9 September. Something that made you feel weird, afraid, happy or sad. A moment when you were smiling about something in your life.

Whatever story you tell is up to you. There are only three simple rules:
– Your story must be about something your experienced yourself on 09.09.09
– The text must be about one page long
– You must include your name and age, the place name (town/city, region and country) and a fairly precise time with your story

The more honest and personal your story is, the better our readers on other continents will be able to understand your life.

I’m volunteering to edit some of the stories in English once they start pouring in which I think will be loads of fun too. Check out their site!


One Response to “Where will you be…”

  1. Erin September 9, 2009 at 12:00 pm #

    Happy Birthday! I will be spending today at work and then hanging out with my boyfriend at our house.

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