Hunger Games and Catching Fire

14 Dec

Catching Fire was already out when I bought and read Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games. I’d been hearing the (loud) buzz about this series but I didn’t really give it a whole lot of thought. I’d been looking for a good, fantasy YA book to read for my fantasy class, and thought I’d pick up The Hunger Games.

Holy crap. Blew my mind. I started it at the end of a long day, intending to read for about an hour before bed. I stayed up until 1am until I finished it. It was THAT good. Then yesterday I finished Catching Fire, after having started it last week. I’m haunted by this book, by this series, and I am absolutely DYING that I’ll have to wait until August, 2010 until the third book.

While Collins’ has created a story that has a lot of the tennants of sci-fi/fantasy — dystopian and post-apocalyptal — it also has moments that are purely original, and characters that are relatable and real. I can definitely see why it’s making Best of 2009 lists all over the place. Even if you think, “Oh it’s sci-fi, I won’t be into that,” I urge you to take another look. This one gets two major thumbs up.


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