First Line Friday: The Song is You

18 Dec

I have to admit, reading Arthur Phillips’ The Song is You took some serious brain adjustment after plowing through Catching Fire. It’s got a much slower, in-depth pace that I had to put the book down after the first 50 pages and take a breather because I read that first section and thought that I didn’t like the book. I was like, I don’t get this, I don’t think it’s interesting or moving or anything. But then, as I continued reading, it was like a switch flipped and I was back in standard, use-your-brain-to-enjoy-literature mode, not holy-amazing-plot-Batman-what-happens-next mode. It’s an adjustment for sure, but I’m so looking forward to consuming the second half of The Song is You during the DC Snowmaggedon that’s supposed to hit tomorrow. (Peachy timing since I still need to do copious amounts of Christmas shopping).

My first line Friday this week is a great tone setter for the whole book:

Julian Donahue’s father was on a Billie Holiday record.

I really feel like I should be listening to fantastic music (obviously) when I’m reading this, blues or jazz or raw chick music (think Ani or Beth Orton). There’s such a great feeling to Phillips’ story that you start to breathe a bit differently while you read it, more evenly, more slowly in pace to the writing, depending on which character’s POV you’re getting.

In other news, I apparently like to take on way more than I can handle, so I’ve signed up for the 2010 Gilmore Girls Reading Challenge. But the good news is that I’ll be able to cross-read with my own attempt at reading more Classics. (It also gave me a few books to add to my list). I’ve got all of 2010 to attempt be be a Rory, a Lorelei, or an Emily. But considering I’m going to be in school non-stop in ’10, it’s still asking a lot. I’m going to create a sub-page under Challenges (similar to the Classics page) for the books I’ll read for the GGRC. Look for that post either later today or on Monday.

If you’re in the DC area, don’t forget to stock up on the essentials for this snowstorm — like Oreos and hot cocoa.


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