One-sitting books

11 Jan

Have you ever read a book that you read in one sitting? There are no creases in the corners from dog-earing the pages to keep your place because you never set it down long enough to need a place holder. The spine isn’t cracked. Hell, it could look like a brand new book!

But it’s not, because you have read every word and not wanted to pause long enough to do something else. Like sleep.

AfterI did that yesterday. I started After by Amy Efaw around 9am when I woke up in the morning and finished it at 2pm. In one straight shot, I finished this amazing look at what a mother of a “trash can baby” goes through after she’s given birth and thrown it away. The subject matter is heavy, and the first few chapters are frustrating because the first person narrator is so completely out of it that you just want to shake her. But it’s such a compelling read that I literally could not, and did not, put this down.

I’ve done the one-sitting book before, most notably the time I sat in Barnes & Noble and read Looking for Alaska in one sitting. Most of the books I do this with are YA novels, because they’re easy to read, but also captivating. It’s also more possible with non-adult books because they’re shorter and faster to read. I’m sure I would have read the Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest in one sitting, but since it’s 600 pages long, I took a break for sleep.

Do you have any one-sitting books?


One Response to “One-sitting books”

  1. saschoolcraft January 11, 2010 at 4:03 pm #

    I picked up Push by Sapphire yesterday, and, although the subject matter was heavy, it was also a one-sitting read. To begin with, it’s rather short, but you’re rooting for Precious from the beginning, and just want to see what’s going to happen.

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