One month hiatus

15 Apr

No, not from the blog, though sometimes it feels like I go months without writing, and I do apologize for that, my dear, sweet loyal reader. (Yes, I assume there’s only one of you left now :).

I’ve got a one-month break from school! As of last night, I finished my last paper of the semester — okay, as of really, really early this morning, I finished. And I’ve got about a month before my summer semester classes begin. You know what that means?

Complete over-planning for the time off and the books I want to read in that month. There are only two on my list right now, but I think they’re kind of biggies. And I’m a little ashamed, school or not, that I haven’t gotten around to them. Actually that’s not entirely true — I have started both Wolf Hall and Let The Great World Spin and had to put them each down 100 pages in, because the amount of homework I had didn’t leave much room for pleasure reading. And what I’ve read of Wolf Hall makes me think that it’s a book I’ll need to give my full attention to. All those characters!

I’m starting with Let the Great World Spin. I’ll keep you updated on how it goes, because, ya know, more time for reading also means more time for blogging!

Also coming soon: My review of Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol. Yes, I read it.


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