“There’s no one here to save…”

22 Nov

I find it a little frustrating that every time I make a pronouncement about how I’m going to stick to my plan and be a better blogger, something always seems to crop up and keeps me from focusing on the goal at hand. I posted recently about being swoony with a new guy and mid-week last week, when I was all excited about writing reviews and being productive, that relationship ended kind of abrubtly. So I’ve been slightly distracted and feeling a little like the rug’s been pulled. But the best way to recover and not think about it is to focus on something else right?

I’ve been trying to do that, and I’ve been keeping up with my reading goals just fine. And I’ll be blogging more this week with a couple of reviews to come. But this break-up (I shudder to call it that, since it was still new, but anyway…) has got me feeling more empowered because I was the one to pull the trigger, so to speak. So imagine my joy when, through the Google Reader sharing network, I saw a post by Jezebel about prints by artist Amanda Visell who is creating a message that girls can do anything.

I’m posting about these prints here because the art uses a lot of stereotypical scenerios that are omni-present in children’s books and fairytales. I love this take, especially the print pictured below. Girls can be their own rescuing knights.

How much do you love this? I want to buy one for myself (you can pick up one or all four here) so bad, but the holidays are coming. Maybe it’ll go on my wishlist ::wink, wink, nudge, nudge::

In other fairy tale news, I’m absolutely dying to see the new Disney version of Rapunzel, called Tangled (out Nov. 24), and the Catherine Hardwicke-directed take the classic fairy tale, Red Riding Hood (out March 11). Are you excited for these too? (I expressed my delight about these upcoming fairy tale movies to my mom and she rolled her eyes, and said I was just a little kid at heart. No denying that here!). But both of these updates also seem to revamp the fairy tale stereotype of “heroine waiting to be rescued” and each girl takes control of her fate with both hands. Obviously, I haven’t seen either film yet, but I’m hoping that they do turn out to be strong female characters. What a nice change of pace that would be.

Check out the trailers below:

P.S. The title of the post, if you’re not familiar, is from Sara Bareilles’ new single, “King of Anything” – which also throws a wrench in the “damsel in distress” myth. Check out her performance on The Tonight Show here.


One Response to ““There’s no one here to save…””

  1. Sarah November 22, 2010 at 3:43 pm #

    I’m dealing with a lot of life craziness because of the upcoming move-out, so this post is *exactly* what I needed. Thanks. 🙂

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