Welcome to the #24in48 Readathon!

11 Aug

It’s midnight which means it is the official start of the inaugural “24 in 48 Readathon” and I could not be more excited!!

I’m a bit handicapped at the moment – my Internet access is spotty and I’m writing this on my iPad. So we’ll do the best we can until I’ve got more to work with.

As I said in the initial post, this is going to be super casual. Read what you can when you can and try to track your time. I’ll be updating here periodically and will likely be more active over on Twitter. I’ll be using the hashtag #24in48 and I encourage you all to track your progress there too.

As I said in my First Line Friday post earlier today, I’m starting with Ender’s Game. And after that, I’ve got a whole stack of books to choose from for tomorrow too:


Plus, since I’m dog sitting for my boss, I’ve discovered a bunch of books on her shelves I’m dying to read as well. There very well might be some shuffling this weekend!

But since this is the Readathon for #readerswithlives as zeteticat so aptly called it, I’m headed to bed to get a fresh start for the morning. See you in the a.m.


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