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Looking ahead: Book Blog UNCON

30 May

We are officially 5 days away from the Book Blog UNCON, which I posted about here. I’m getting really excited for this DIY conference, and looking at the list of attendees, some I know and some I’m dying to meet, I know it’s going to be a great day.

The organizers of the UNCON have asked attendees to come up with suggestions for sessions, that either they could lead or that they’d like to explore more in discussion. I’ll be honest, I was feeling a little like I don’t have much to add since this blog has been on an informal hiatus since I started grad school, but the more I thought about it the more I realized I do have things to talk about. So here are a few sessions I feel like I could contribute to and that I would love to explore in more depth.

  • SEO, Social Media Branding and Why It Matters: As my day job is as a Customer Content Specialist for a news distribution agency, much of my 9-5 life directly or tangentially revolves around optimizing content. I can talk a little about what SEO means and how bloggers can employ tips and tricks to improve their search engine visibility. I also want to talk about establishing a presence on multiple social media sites like Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter and Google+, and how it’s relevant to SEO. If anyone else has any Best Practices ideas, this would be the place to bring them.
  • I also wanted to discuss blog/life balance and how people maintain enthusiasm for blogging when life gets overwhelming. This session could also include strategies for productivity or time management, or how you know when its time to take a break. Also, relevant to this discussion is managing relationships with publishers and authors when you’re stepping back from blogging and reviewing.
  • I don’t know that this is something I could lead, but if there’s someone there that can talk about migrating from or to and best strategies for going self-hosted, along with blog design, CSS and more, I’d be really interested in pulling out my laptop and actually starting the process of switching over.

Even if these topics don’t make the planning board, there are so many great suggestions for sessions that I’m sure there will be no lack of take-away ideas.

Will you be at the Book Blog UNCON? Are you interested in coming? It’s not too late to register (for free!) – you can do that here:

Keep your eyes peeled the rest of the week for more Book Expo America posts!