Review Policy

May 18, 2010

For authors, publishers, and publicists:

I am currently open to review requests but I am selective about what I will review and in what time period. I cannot reply to every request, but I will try to do so as best as I can. I will only accept review copies that I am interested in and that I feel I can read and review in a timely manner, and that I feel fit with the general scope of my blog.  I will likely only review a book if I think I’m going to like it, which is why most books I review will have positive assessments. Nonetheless, every book I review will receive my honest opinion. If I do not finish a book because I didn’t like it, I will post accordingly. I try to be constructively critical and avoid posting negative reviews without any explanation of why.

I do not receive any monetary compensation for any reviews or postings on this site. I am part of the Powell’s Partner Program and receive a portion of any book bought through links on my site.


I am a very eclectic reader, but the following are some guidelines about genres I’m most likely to review.

Will likely accept and review: literary fiction, literary memoir, contemporary fiction, young adult, coming-of-age, poetry, short story collections, or non-literary chick lit. I also will review backlist books and any re-issued classics.

Will consider for review: mystery/crime fiction, biography, middle readers, travel writing, food writing, humor, war books (either historical, non-fiction, or fiction), or current events.

Will likely not accept, but can be pitched: YA paranormal or dystopian fiction, picture books, or politics.

Will not review: christian fiction, any other kind of religious book, science fiction, horror, romance, fantasy, paranormal (adult), self-help, health, business or erotica.  


I will accept ARCs, finished copies of books, and eBooks as long as they are compatible with the B&N nook. I do not review audio books in any form. I do not accept self-published books.

For ARCs, I will not sell them (I will also not re-sell regular review copies), and if I like the book, I will likely keep it for myself. However, unless otherwise noted, I may offer review copies as a giveaway on this blog, in conjunction with my review. Or I will pass the book on to someone I think may like it.

I will also accept unsolicited ARCS, early finished books, and backlist books (though I’m not sure how you’d get them to me since my mailing address isn’t listed here). There is absolutely no guarantee that these will be reviewed, but if they interest me, I will contact you to let you know that I will read and review them.


I cannot guarantee reviews by a certain time, but if you send me an ARC I will try to have the review posted within a month of the release date. If the review is part of a blog tour, I will absolutely post on the agreed upon date. If there are other deadlines to consider, please let me know when you contact me so that I can keep timing in mind in regards to my own schedule. Because I work full-time and am in school full-time, under normal circumstances, I likely will not post a review for several months.


I will post my reviews here and on Goodreads. If you would like me to post my review elsewhere, like or, I am happy to with advance notice, but I don’t typically do so. I will also Tweet the review posting.  You can also find me on Book Blogs.


I do track stats, but only have started doing so recently. The stat counter on my sidebar was added June 12, 2010, to give you an idea of the number of unique hits to my site since then.

Contact: You can email me at homebetweenpages [at] gmail [dot] com, if you have a review copy pitch for me or if you have any questions about this policy. If you pitch to me via a comment, I will likely delete the comment and disregard the pitch. I will only respond to pitches via email.

(Portions of this policy, including formatting, borrowed with permission from Beth Fish Reads. Find her here:


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